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Why New Penn

The Strategic Difference

Selecting the right company in the financial industry doesn’t have to be based on a game of chance. The New Penn Financial® family of companies offers the right candidate multiple reasons to strategically map your career path with confidence.

The right company in the right industry

npf_whynp_333x250In good times and bad, people need homes - and mortgages to buy them.

The home buying market is a constant; whether in good times or bad, people buy homes or refinance their current mortgage loans. We help these people every day.

In addition to offering an in-demand product, there are two things you should definitely know about us: We value and reward entrepreneurial spirit, and we are in growth mode.

Few lenders are as innovative, as financially solid, as well managed and as on track to become America's leading lender as the New Penn family of companies. We deliver products and service that turn prospects into delighted customers --providing abundant opportunity for the great people who work here.

These competitive advantages set us apart, and they're why you can grow with us for the long term.

The right time

Some could argue that there is never a “right time”…but we disagree. Because we are able to adapt to market conditions, we create our opportunities to fulfill a need, generating the chance to prosper.

6 reasons to grow with New Penn

  1. Company strength we're quickly becoming America's leading lender
  2. Timeless industry -- The mortgage industry will always be a vital part of our country's economy
  3. Historic time - Low mortgage rates plus mortgage products that have not been available to home buyers for several years means strong consumer demand
  4. Career mobility - We hire and promote from within, so you have plenty of opportunity for lateral and upward moves in sales, processing, management, operations, financial analysis and more
  5. Training and mentoring - We offer a number of training programs as well as ongoing mentoring throughout the company
  6. Compensation - We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits and outstanding perks, and our sales associates can shoot for the sky aided by our generous commission structure and state-of-the art marketing engine