About Erec-Michael

NMLS# 1425540

“I’ve been in residential mortgage lending since 2000 and I specialize in finding financial solutions for my clients. Sometimes it’s as simple as reducing your interest rate, other times you might be able to consolidate outside debt or access tens of thousands of dollars for projects, special events, or your rainy day fund.

What you want, when considering a refinance, is the peace of mind that your loan officer has the knowledge, experience and expertise to find you the best solutions, but also that he (or she) truly has your best interests at heart!

I don’t do loans just to do them, I do loans to better my clients’ financial situations. Only! That’s why so many of my clients call me year after year and refer me their friends and family; they know I will take care of them like they’re MY family, and if a loan isn’t their best solution, I’ll tell them that straight out.

If you would like a free mortgage review, let’s take 15 minutes to see if you could be in a better position with a new loan from New Penn Financial.

I can help you with a purchase loan too, of course!”

  • 3009 Douglas Blvd, Suite 225
    Roseville, CA 95661
  • (916) 380-3149