About Peter

NMLS# 729632

What I’ve learned after writing mortgages for over 25 years are a few simple lessons.  One, customers want really good communications and a simple process.  Mortgages are complicated transactions, and my customers enjoy that I keep the process easy and enjoyable.  Second, there are many ways to help customers save money.  Therefore I always provide my customers with a variety of solutions including different terms, cash out options and debt consolidation options, this way you the customer are empowered with making the best decision possible.  After all, isn’t that what making good financial decisions is all about!  Finally, good communication makes for great a mortgage process.  I religiously keep customers in the loop about where we are in the process and what to expect throughout the process.  By the time my customers sit at a closing table, they know every detail about their loan, which is what I’ve learned every customer wants.

New Penn Financial offers some of the best options available in the mortgage market, from free credit enhancement to bi-weekly payments and even pick-a-term where my customers can select from any range of term from 10 years up and through 30 years. I look forward to showing you what I can do!

I am passionate about making a difference in customers’ financial lives.  The way I work with customers helps foster lasting relationships and friendships and I think you in advance for the opportunity to show you what great mortgaging is all about.

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