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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Debunking the Biggest Homebuying Myths

Beach House

The process of buying or selling a home is incredibly complex, especially for those diving in for the first time. That's why it might not come as a shock to learn that many misconceptions and myths persist regarding various steps of the homebuying process. Here are the most pervasive points of confusion for homebuyers of all stripes:

Market Preview: September Rate Hike Highly Unlikely

Log Cabin

Mortgage rates appear to have gone on a fly-and-flop vacation. We’ve seen little movement over the past week. Even an exceptionally strong employment report for July did little to roil lending rates. Credit-market participants responded mostly with a collective shrug.

Homeowner Wealth Continues to Outpace Renters

Homeowner Wealth

Buying a house is more than simply having some extra space all to yourself - it also serves as an investment. Even with the high costs involved in real estate purchases, that investment is still paying off for most American homeowners.

Pending Home Sales Up; Bipartisan Congressional Bill Would Change Credit Scoring

DC Rowhomes

Higher home sales could reside in the immediate future. The pending home sales index was up a strong 1.5% in June. This is after three months of consecutive declines. During those months, existing home-sales growth has been tepid. 

Tesla's Solar Roof and the Future of Home Tech

Home Tech

The concept of a "smart home" has been around since the time of "The Jetsons," but it's one that's increasingly becoming a reality. However, today's real smart homes might not be exactly what most people imagined half a century ago. While robot butlers and flying cars have not yet penetrated the market, there are some incredible new pieces of home tech that are reshaping homeownership.