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Melville, NY

New Penn Financial is located in Melville, NY. The office is located right off of interstate 495 on state road 110. New Penn offers a wide array of mortgage products that are designed to fit almost anybody's unique situation. Every member of our team will sit down to discuss your financial goals in an effort to fit you into the perfect home loan. We believe in customer service and we make that the cornerstone of every single phone call, meeting and transaction that takes place. So stop by and talk with us today to see how New Penn can help you!

Meet Our People

Daniel Montenegro Regional Manager
NMLS# 12991
Dan Montenegro TN
John Viteritti Regional Manager
NMLS# 4671
510 Broad Hollow Road
Suite 302
Melville, NY 11747
P: 855-554-5631
F: 866-886-9329